Behind the Scenes with Rackspace, Skylark Creative & DataKom

Behind the Scenes with Rackspace, Skylark Creative & DataKom

Here at Booking Live we’re all about working with professional, technically driven businesses and individuals. In terms of clients, we work both with small, local businesses and large, international business. The same applies to our suppliers in that we work with both small, local business and large, international businesses. In our eyes it’s about quality rather than quantity which is why we’re more than happy to work with smaller, less well-known suppliers as long as they’re able to provide us with the dedicated service we require. You can rest assured we choose only the most professional and reliable suppliers to further both our clients’ success and ours. That’s why we chose Rackspace, Skylark Creative & DataKom.

Rackspace: Hosting Providers

For years now Booking Live have been hosting their expert online booking systems with 100% uptime thanks to the hosting providers Rackspace.

Here at Booking Live we’ve recently joined the Rackspace® Partner Network to provide you with a discounted portfolio of Hybrid Cloud solutions. Rackspace are leading providers of hybrid clouds which enable businesses to run their workloads where they run most effectively — whether on the public cloud, a private cloud, dedicated servers, or a combination of these platforms. Rackspace’s hybrid approach enables their services to work well with the flexible systems provided by Booking Live.

How Can Hosting Help Me?

Rackspace give the lowdown on how hosting services can help online businesses…

“Through managed hosting at Rackspace, companies benefit from our experience and expertise in managed hosting, with highly skilled engineers available 24 x 7 to monitor solutions and resolve issues as quickly as possible. A company also gains access to the Rackspace multi-homed network for additional redundancy and benefits from our partnerships with many industry leaders, which allow us to collaborate on the best
solutions, tools and procedures needed to deliver superior support services for customers, saving their internal resources and costs and reducing overall risk.”

As we’re now part of the Rackspace Referral Partner scheme you can take advantage of all of the cloud solutions Rackspace offer. Visit Booking Live’s Rackspace page to start saving now!

Skylark Creative: Web Design Agency

Over the past few years Booking Live have formed a successful partnership with the web design agency Skylark Creative. We employ Skylark’s web design expertise when undergoing website work that our clients have requested. One of their team was even kind enough to attend our Booking Live event back in September where they gave a great talk about the work they do. You can view a slideshow version of the presentation on Slideshare. If you’re interested in creating a website or updating an existing one contact us today. We can make sure your Booking Live system is seamlessly integrated within your company’s website to ensure your brand identity is secured as well as increasing online bookings and sales.

DataKom: Communications Providers

As online booking providers we’re all too familiar with the problems technology businesses can face, but we’ve definitely found reliable providers in DataKom. DataKom have been particularly helpful in accommodating our HQ moves throughout the years, sending out engineers to install new lines around a time that suited us.

Why Do I Need to Know All of This?

We’ll admit aspects such as our communication providers may not have a direct link to your online booking system but without all these “behind the scenes” suppliers we wouldn’t be able to deliver as great a service as we do. Metaphorically speaking it takes a lot of small cogs to run a big machine. We’re sharing these insights with you to provide a full understanding of how we work here at Booking Live. If you have any queries or if you’re one of our current suppliers and you’d be interested in featuring in a “Behind the Scenes” piece then please contact caitlin@bookinglive.




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Black Friday 2014: Don’t Panic, It’s Not The End of the World

Black Friday 2014: Don’t Panic, It’s Not The End of the World

It’s somewhat inevitable this year’s Black Friday will be just that considering the weather forecast… But Black Friday doesn’t refer to the worsening weather or “end of the world” theories as the name may suggest. It’s the Friday before Cyber Monday and will take place on Friday 28th November this year. Similarly to Cyber Monday, Black Friday started as an American concept named so due to the mayhem caused by the first unofficial day of Christmas shopping. Its negative connotation has since been turned on its head, used instead to describe businesses as being “in the black”  in terms of profit. Thanks to Amazon’s release of UK discounts over Black Friday four years ago Britain now has more opportunities to increase sales and profit.  

How Do I Take Advantage of Black Friday?

As Cyber Monday is purely focused on online sales it may seem the success of Black Friday is harder for companies who’re taking online bookings to harness. But Black Friday shouldn’t be written off. The Telegraph even say Black Friday 2014 is set to be “the biggest online shopping day ever in the UK”. It’s clear to see the last Friday in November is fast becoming as influential an online presence as its Monday counterpart. Just follow Booking Live’s simple steps to ensure your business’s sales increase just in time for Christmas!

1. Build Suspense

Build suspense by incorporating a count down timer in to your website or post tweets and Facebook statuses stating things such as “only 1 week to go until we release our Black Friday discounts!”. Not only will this build suspense and excitement but it’ll also ensure customers don’t forget.

2. Be Bold

Emphasise your offer of discounts and deals as being for “one day only” and “exclusive” to grab new and existing customer’s attention and to ensure your discounts stand out more than your competitors’. It’ll also prevent users from slipping in to the “I’ll look later” mentality that many businesses are guilty of causing. When customers think they have a large window of time in which to make a booking or purchase they’re more likely to put it off and end up leaving before completing the action.

3. Offer Gift Vouchers

Don’t forget the all important festive period Black Friday is linked with! Provide your customers with gift options in the form of vouchers which they can print off, or have posted, wrap up and place under the Christmas tree in time for their friends and family to unwrap, redeem and enjoy.

Booking Live integrate with well-known gift agents such as Groupon and so you can sell and redeem vouchers directly from your website. For a full list of voucher redemption companies Booking Live integrate with check out our integrations page.

4.  Timing is Key

We recommend setting your promotions to run from midnight on the 28th to midnight on the 29th to ensure your customers feel they’re getting a full 24 hour period in which to make the most of your offers. This is especially important for UK customers as Friday 28th isn’t a holiday so many people will be inactive online during the day due to being at work. Keep an eye on the morning, lunchtime and evenings as these are typically the most busy in terms of online bookings and sales.

5. Interact Throughout the Day

By interacting with customers via social media throughout the 28th you’ll create a sense of urgency. Consider updates such as “only 3 places left on the April skydive, book now to avoid disappointment” to persuade people to book on our buy vouchers.

6. Check Your Website & Booking System’s Capabilities

If you’ve followed our steps so far you’ll no doubt experience an increase in traffic to your site on the Friday. But is your website capable of handling this? Booking Live’s booking systems and websites come armed with features and are securely hosted by Rackspace with 100% uptime. This ensures your website doesn’t crash during busy periods such as Black Friday. If you’re interested in our website design services please contact our Sales Executive.

Don’t wait until Boxing Day to offer discounts, now more people than ever are aware of Black Friday this year looks set to smash last year’s records in terms of sales. Ensure your business is ready to take advantage of the day with Booking Live’s powerful and specialist online booking systems. Check out our plans & pricing page or contact our Sales Executive today!


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We’re Hiring! PHP Developer Position Available

PHP Developer Position Available – Central Bristol – Immediate Start


Want to Get Your Work Seen & Recognised?

An immediate and exciting opportunity has arisen to work with a fast growing product and company right in the centre of Bristol. As creators of online booking platforms you’ll be creating something thousands of people use every day as well as benefiting from seeing your own work out there in the world! We work with a wide range of clients, from SMEs to large enterprise with both national and international custom.

We’re looking for someone who is motivated and passionate about getting things right. You’ll be working with our highly experienced team to deliver a professionally built, well-tested product.

Our HQs are based in a central, prime location in the very heart of Bristol which even comes equipped with with on-site showers (and is situated next to a doughnut vendor)!

Essential Skills

- Strong OO PHP knowledge
- Experience with MVC frameworks
- eCommerce (payment gateways, integrations)
- Strong Javascript knowledge
- Team working
- Problem solving
- Ability to test own code (experience with automated test tools)

Desirable Skills

- Knowledge of HTML/HTML5
- Knowledge of CSS
- Use of JIRA for ticket management
- Use of GIT/SVN for version control

Applicants for this role will be working closely with the product architect to build solutions based on specifications from the Product Team. Applicants should have an excellent attention to detail and be able to problem solve and ask questions.

If you’re interested in applying for this role please send your CV and Covering Letter to

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BookingLive Version 3: An Update & Preview

BookingLive Version 3: An Update & Preview

A Brief Snapshot

After 5 successful years BookingLive is undergoing its biggest upgrade to date and the most exciting part is that it’s just around the corner. Here at BookingLive we’ve accumulated years of learning and client feedback to produce something really quite special: the next generation of online booking software, Booking Live Version 3. The following post gives a preview and update on our progress so far. 

Customer Profile

BookingLive has been aware for a while now of the need to create Customer Profiles to store profile photos, member IDs, previous bookings and enquiries all in one place. Our team have not only added this but have implemented a time machine feature to display points in your customers’ past and future. This includes when bookings were made, when emails were sent, when bookings were edited, when information was updated and more!



Customer Account

In addition to the Customer Profile, there is an enhanced Customer Account module in Booking Live Version 3.


Content Management System

In BookingLive Version 3 you can expect to see the CMS our clients are currently using so as to cause as little disruption as possible. This CMS promotes accessible site design, semantic mark-up and HTML5 use. Redesigned to make content updates a breeze, the CMS allows you to build rich web content to support and display information on your products. It also includes fluid layouts, which means no more fixed templates, and live editing with multi-device preview.


Reporting Intelligence

Our booking system Version 3 enables business intelligence reporting at your fingertips as a key area of improvement within Booking Live has been data reporting. Booking Live clients are now able to determine the output of data within the data rich reports with the ability to export in a variety of formats complete with their own branding.


Single Sign-on

Single sign-on is a key user enhancement. It allows both you and your customers to sign in using an existing account such as Google or Facebook, enabling pre-population of data from their social profiles.


Booking View

The view of a single booking within the admin system will mostly remain the same in the booking system with some enhanced features.



As requested by many of our clients we’re happy to announce that we’re introducing a flexible, single-click dashboard to summarise key reports and data from your system.


Calendar View

Another key feature requested by clients is a visual calendar of bookings from which to add and edit bookings. We’ve also introduced a mobile responsive view to cater for day, week and months, alongside locations and products so as to meet the needs of all our clients.


On the whole, the booking process itself will remain the same. There will be subtle improvements in that the process will be fully responsive, as well as including enhancements of the billing page. In addition to this Booking Live Version 3 is leaning towards development of a one-page checkout process.

BookingLive Version 3

As you can see there are fantastic improvements on the cards for BookingLive Version 3 with a strong emphasis on mobile optimisation. With these developments, BookingLive is putting your company in the hot seat for managing your business and bookings.

Our inward investment in the latest version of online booking software will ensure the longevity of our exciting development roadmap. While we won’t release our complete internal roadmap to the public we are continuing to develop BookingLive software at a rapid pace and hope you will support us during this exciting journey.

If you’re an existing client please feel free to discuss your upgrade options with your account manager and/or sales executive to find out when this is feasible and any costs that may be applicable. If you’re interested in signing up as a new client for Booking Live Version 3 please contact us today.

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EPOS Booking Systems Solutions

EPOS Booking System Solutions


EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems are an integral part of eCommerce. They efficiently deal with various aspects of business from sales calculations to keeping track of customer information. Known for their customisability they are great for all business types, as long as you have the right software.

Do I Need EPOS?

You don’t need an EPOS system to have a Booking Live system, but if you’re looking to enhance your business then getting EPOS is a good idea. EPOS helps simplify and speed up tasks such as pricing, tracking and reporting of bookings. It also enables you to assign staff members to specific schedules and record staff activity. This increases efficiency and allows you to implement any necessary changes. You can even use EPOS for marketing and promotional purposes to boost customer loyalty and sales.

We understand selecting an EPOS provider is a process which requires a lot of consideration. That’s why we we’ve put together a short list of key features to look out for.

EPOS Features

  • High booking & operating speed
  • Excellent usability
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • API documentation: essential for website developers
  • Easy member check-in process
  • Live booking sync and availability

To determine whether or not EPOS providers have these features we suggest speaking with a few members of the EPOS team. If you’re not particularly tech savvy we recommend asking your web developers and/or IT team to speak with them. We also think it’s a good idea to speak with their existing customers. This will give you a clear view of what it’s like to be their customer so you can learn how reliable the EPOS providers actually are.

Other Important Considerations

It’s important to do your research before you decide on an EPOS provider. Find out if their company has grown in the past 10 years and what level of support they offer. It’s also worth checking how often updates are run. These may not seem like important factors now but you’ll regret it if you don’t check before deciding.

Booking Live EPOS Booking System

The Booking Live EPOS system is both simple to use and flexible. It is sophisticated enough to meet the requirements of the most demanding business all in one system.

Star Micronics, one of the world’s largest printer manufacturers, have designed a portfolio of thermal and impact point-of-sale printers for use in a wide variety of applications. Star has not only developed printers which offer high performance and reliability, but introduced a number of unique profit-making features for the user without extra cost or extensive IT knowledge required.

Together Booking Live software and Star hardware can give your business:

tickIn-house and online bookings

tickSecure integration

tickRegular software updates

tickSuitable for any desktop PC

tickLatest ECO friendly hardware

tickProvide customer convenience through secure payments

tickSell merchandise and take bookings in one easy to use system

tickManage customers, products and employees

tickExtensive reporting & financial management


EPOS Booking System Hardware

15″ Touch Screen

• Posiflex TM-8115 touch screen with a USB interface

• 15 inch TFT LCD Touch Screen


• Resolution up to 1024 x 768

• Tilt angle adjustment from 18 to 75 degrees

• 2 USB port support

• 3 year return to base warranty


PC POS Cash Drawer

• Star CB-2002FN POS Cash Drawer

• Large reliable cash drawer with 5 note and 8 coin slots


• Designed to link with Star’s POS printers

• Available in White or Charcoal Grey

• 3 Position Key Lock with Drawer Release

• Includes a Compulsion Switch

• Optional lockable cover


Thermal Printer

• High quality TSP100ECO printer, 150mm per second

• Reduce paper consumption by 70% or more

• Fast, efficient POS service


• Unique range of ECO tools and features

• Simple “Drop-In & Print” paper loading

• All set-up accessories are included

• Fully Energy Star Compliant with Unique ECO Tools

• Four year warranty for total peace of mind


Barcode Scanner

• Honeywell 9540 VoyagerCG Codegate scanner

• Automatic infrared activation and decode all standard 1D bar codes

• Completes data transmission with a single button push


• Auto-trigger with CodeGate

• Both hand-held and fixed projection

• PowerLink, user-replaceable cables

• Adjustable Stand

• Short-range and long-range activation

• Flash ROM with Meteor upgrade utility


 Mag Card Scanner


• Magnetic Stripe Card reader for side mounting

• Suitable for Posiflex TM-8115 touchscreen

• USB interface

• Charcoal grey



Card Printer

• Zebra Series 3 Z31 Card Printer

• UK power cords, USB cable & Windows drivers.


• Smart card and magnetic stripe encoding

• New high-performance ribbons designed for high-speed, high-quality image printing

• Intuitive design for ease of use
• Optional enclosure lock for financial card printing

• Single-sided direct-to-card printing


Blank Cards


• 500 Zebra Premier Blank White Cards

• PVC card

• 30 mil




Pricing is available upon request. Please contact our sales executive for more information.

Please note: only Booking Live’s EPOS booking system software is compatible with Booking Live systems.
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Client Spotlight: Sports for Schools – Booking Systems for Schools.

Client Spotlight: Sports for Schools – Booking Systems for Schools

This month we caught up with Jo from Sports for Schools who gave us a great insight into how their business uses Booking Live to maximise success and efficiency.

What do Sports for Schools do?

We run after-school sports clubs in primary schools. We’re currently running 55 different clubs over 10 weeks which involves multi-day schedules. This is why we needed to find a flexible and powerful online booking system. We’ve been using BookingLive since February and it’s made a huge difference to the way we manage our bookings. We’ve been able to move away from paper-based systems and outdated cheque payments and we’re now able to deal with all processes from one place which saves a lot of time!

How does Booking Live help your business?

As we work both with schools and coaches we used to have to contact school offices individually who’d pass on paper forms to parents who’d then pass them back through the school to us. From here we’d have to create and send out manifests to coaches and so on, so forth. Loads of our time and money was spent on admin tasks and we were constantly collating spreadsheets and manifest documents. Our BookingLive system has eliminated all this hassle and more.”

Why did you choose BookingLive?

Before choosing Booking Live we looked at other online booking system providers. We were initially looking for a bespoke system but as we didn’t have a huge budget we decided to go for an off-the-shelf system which could be tailored specifically to our needs. That’s why we chose Booking Live, because it offered much more flexibility than any other online booking system. Although we use our booking system in an unusual way, due to complexities such as our privacy settings, Booking Live have been great at accommodating this. We think the system comes packed with loads of great features such as SMS reminders which we’re looking to add on to our system to further time saving and efficiency.

Parents who are booking their children on to our after-school sports clubs say the booking process is really straightforward and easy to use. This is great because it means they let other parents know about us! We’re happy with Booking Live so far and look forward to continue working with them in the future.


If you’re interested in featuring on our website in a Client Spotlight please contact For more information about our booking systems for schools please contact us.

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We’re Hiring! Sales Executive Position Available

Sales Executive Position Available

Based in Central Bristol Booking Live provide online booking systems to businesses of all types and sizes. Since our launch in 2007 we’ve been constantly expanding, which is why we’re looking for a new addition to our ever-growing team. If you’re a creative and technologically-motivated individual with experience in the world of sales then we want to hear from you!

Role: Sales Executive

Salary: £20,000 – £40,000 (OTE)

Start date: December / January

Role Description

The following position is to source, target and win new business for the company. To identify, qualify and build solid, high level relationships with new business prospects in order to promote and sell the company’s products and services and meet financial targets.

Job Specification

  • Education: English & Maths at level of GCSE level is essential. A University Degree is preferable.
  • Experience: A proven and impressive new business track record with high-level sales experience in a client facing environment with a passion for digital is a must.
  • Knowledge: Strong commercial awareness and business acumen with full knowledge of the sales process is essential. Working knowledge of CRM systems such as Zoho CRM desirable.
  • Skills: Excellent customer service and highly organised, with strong time management and planning skills, meticulous attention to detail and a proven ability to multi-task. Strong listening, negotiating and influencing skills with a proven success in sales – all essential.
  • Proven ability to build intelligent sales strategies is desirable.

Key Responsibilities

Leads & Prospecting:

  • To actively and professionally manage the entire sales cycle from lead management to prospecting, arranging appointments, preparing proposals negotiating and closing.
  • To provide timely response and exceptional levels of service to all enquiries.
  • To attend meetings with prospects as required.
  • Maintain a pro-active approach to prospecting, i.e. search for leads, network etc.

Account Management:

  • To build, manage and maintain a substantial pipeline and to ensure that all pipeline activity is accurately documented and kept up-to-date in the CRM system.
  • To thoroughly research and understand prospects’ products, competition, industry, marketing goals and objectives, overall business requirements and ROI objectives.
  • Always keep in touch regularly with existing accounts to maximise revenue potential

New Business Acquisition:

  • To effectively meet (and exceed) sales targets.
  • To respond to tenders, RFPs and other requests for information in a professional manner.


  • To liaise with admin with regards to credit controls.
  • To create polished proposals, presentations, contracts and other documentation, in line with relevant procedures. To ensure all written work adheres to brand guidelines.
  • To ensure job knowledge is kept up to date and relevant by networking/researching/reading blogs and news sources.
  • Maintain a proactive approach to training and study required by the role.
  • Maintain client confidentiality at all times and adhere to requirements of the Data Protection Act.
  • To share knowledge, insight, resource, best practice and ideas with the team.


  • Technical product training will be provided
  • Monthly targets, KPIs and Personal Development plans set quarterly
  • Office hours, 9 – 6, Monday to Friday with 28 days holiday each year (inc bank holidays)

If you’re interested in applying please visit our listing on Reed.

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Online Booking Trends: The Facts & Figures

Online Booking Trends: The Facts & Figures

As you’re probably aware by now bookings made via mobile and tablet devices are continuing to increase rapidly. Online booking trends show the mobile growth platform within the travel industry alone was ten times bigger than that of desktop at the start of this year.

With this shift towards users browsing the web on their smart phones and tablets it makes sense businesses prepare themselves. You can do almost everything online, from paying bills to finding out celebrities’ middle names. That’s why you need to provide your customers with full access to your business. Enabling them to make bookings online puts you ahead of competitors and leads to increased bookings and subsequent profit.

Tell Me More About Online Booking Trends…

Making things easy and personalisation are currently two of the most influential online booking trends. Studies show that by treating each customer as an individual  they’re more likely to buy in to a company. With online booking systems such as BookingLive you’re able to personalise every aspect of the booking process from individual activity, course or appointment descriptions to the colour scheme. Integrations with add-ons such as postcode lookups means customers are able to quickly input their postcode to find their address rather than having to enter it manually. Finishing touches such as these will mean you’re more likely to secure long-term custom and reduce the likelihood of predictability.

International Online Booking Trends

Online booking trends also signify businesses are more likely to receive international custom if they have a strong online presence. It makes sense, how else would a family in Canada looking to book holiday activities hear about your UK high ropes course? International travel is becoming more and more popular with people researching their destination of choice up to a year in advance. 76% of global travellers say their mobile phones are “very important” to their daily lives so it’s vital your website is mobile ready. Make sure your business is out there and ready to be found.

How do I keep up?

Market trends predict that by 2017 45% of the world’s population will be using the internet, that’s approximately 3.3 billion people. Make sure you don’t miss out on national and international opportunities by incorporating an online booking system in to your website today.


For more information, ask our expert Sales Executive via our contact form or weekly webinars!

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Book Training Online with BookingLive

Book Training Online with BookingLive

We know using an online booking system for the first time can be daunting. But there’s no need to worry, at BookingLive we’re here for you for every step of the way. You can choose from a variety of options, including free webinars, and easily book training online. Whether you need an hour’s worth of training, a day’s worth, or multiple sessions we have the option for you! All our training services are designed specifically around your business so you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your session. You can even book training online if you aren’t based in the UK. (Please note, clients who sign-up for the Enterprise plan are provided with free training during set-up).


BookingLive run weekly webinars for both new and existing customers and they’re completely free! These online sessions are designed to provide you with a better idea of how BookingLive works through use of interactive demos. Here you can ask any questions you may have and you’ll get an instant answer. Check out our website to book onto a webinar or to book training online today!

1 Hour Remote Training

If you opt for 1 hour remote training you’ll receive training and set-up provided by one of our support specialists. The training session involves remote desktop training via a one-on-one conference call. You’ll be able to ask more specific questions than you would in the webinar and your training leader will be able to answer them. Book training online today!

1 Day On-Site Training

With this training package you’ll receive a full day’s training at the BookingLive headquarters in Bristol. Here you’ll have the opportunity to meet the BookingLive team, as well as receiving one of our top specialists’ undivided attention. You’ll be able to ask as many questions as you like and the team will be able to answer them then and there. During the day the team will also go through stages such as exploring your current processes so we can help you further your business. BookingLive will provide you with the solutions you need so go ahead and book training online today!

It’s easy to book training online, just visit our training page to select a time and a date! We also offer weekly free webinars where you can ask questions with our expert sales executive. If you do have any questions feel free to contact us or check out our support pages.


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How to Utilise Cyber Monday: The Busiest Day in the Online Calendar

How to Utilise Cyber Monday: The Busiest Day in the Online Calendar

If you don’t already know Cyber Monday takes place on 1st December and is named so due to being the busiest day of the year for online shopping. Although it started out as an American concept Cyber Monday has now reached international status. Consumers make the most of the last pay-day before Christmas by firing up their laptops, smart phones and tablets and heading online. ECommerce giant Ebay has released data confirming their customers are already starting their Christmas shopping! With the online spend of British consumers alone predicted to reach £13 billion this festive season all businesses need to ensure they’re ready.

Where do I start?

The thought of Cyber Monday may leave you wanting to run for the hills but by thinking of it as a great business opportunity and starting preparation early you’ll be well on your way to increasing profit just in time for Christmas! We’re here to arm you with all the facts you need to make Cyber Monday a day to look forward to.

Research shows “peak” shopping times on the 1st are between 12 and 2 in the afternoon. Shoppers head online during their lunch breaks to search for the ultimate gifts for their family, friends and sometimes event themselves too! We suggest starting out by enticing potential and existing customers through promotions, offers or discounts. If customers feel you’re offering them a better deal than competitors it’s only logical they’d choose to book with your company. Some businesses set up email alerts for customers who want notification of when Christmas deals are released. This is a great idea but make sure you don’t interrupt your regular online bookings and sales too much. You can avoid this by releasing the option of an email sign-up nearer the time. BookingLive integrates with the eMarketing company MailChimp so it’s easy for you to send mass communication to customers.

Generate & Retain New Cyber Monday Custom 

Cyber Monday shouldn’t just be viewed as the perfect opportunity to make loads of sales in one day. Approach the date with the intention of gaining and retaining custom. Persuade customers to come back again with offers such as “book today and receive 10% off your next booking!”. You could also run offers which promote your business and further customer generation such as “one free session for every friend you refer” or “bring a friend along for free”! With BookingLive you can set-up, personalise and sell vouchers with promotions such as these.

Be Mobile Ready

Mobile purchases, including bookings, are up 94% since last year. That’s one third of all Cyber Monday purchases! Make sure users can access your website by creating an omni-channel approach. Although this term may at first sound like something from a Sci-Fi film it simply means taking a multi-channel approach. This involves considering your business’s presence on mobile devices as well as on desktop. All BookingLive systems are fully responsive so both you and your customers achieve the optimum user experience. Studies show Cyber Monday reaches a “2nd peak” in tablet users during the evening when users return home from work so don’t miss out, be mobile ready.

Convey Urgency

Create a sense of urgency by sharing updates via social media that there are “only a handful of spaces left on January’s yoga course” etc. Customers are more likely to make a booking if they feel as though they’ll miss out by not doing it straight away.

Create Gift Options

We understand the majority of our clients aren’t running online shops but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell gifts. Here at BookingLive we integrate with well-known gift agencies such as Groupon and buyagift so you can sell and redeem vouchers online. Market your bookable activities, classes, courses and more as gift ideas. BookingLive enable these to come in the form of a voucher so your Cyber Monday sales are more likely to increase. Do you have a seasonable business? Don’t worry, customers will be happy purchasing redeemable activities for the summer months as long as they’re able to give a voucher so there’s something to open on the day!

Last year Cyber Monday was responsible for 113 million visits to online shops in just one day. That’s the equivalent to 400 millions hours spent shopping online! BookingLive’s online booking systems ensure your business is able to deal with high-demand bookings and payments throughout the year with Rackspace‘s 100% uptime hosting. Check out our plans & pricing page for more information. Make sure your business is ready for Cyber Monday with Booking Live.


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