Our new support system

BookingLive Support

BookingLive are proud to announce, the long overdue replacement for our support system!

Our customers will be receiving activation emails for the new service. The service brings a host of new features such as:

  • A fresh and easy to use interface
  • Fully usable on mobile (and a mobile app)
  • Single sign on (Google / Facebook / Twitter)
  • Company level logins (View tickets made by others at your company)
  • SLA management

We have proudly chosen to partner with Freshdesk for this service, and we hope it helps us assist you better going forward!

If you do not receive an email for the service in the coming weeks just contact us and we’ll get you setup.

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Heartbleed and BookingLive

There has been lots of talk in the media, about the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability in recent days, causing concern throughout the IT community.

Obviously for us, it was a concern but we do benefit from being relatively small compared to networks with over 2 million SSL certificates issued like Cloudflare.

We’ve conducted the risk assessments, and to set minds at ease you’ll be glad to know all our servers on the Rackspace platform were not vulnerable to this. The majority of our customer base are on Rackspace, so for us this is a big relief.

Despite this we’ve upgraded to the new patched OpenSSL version anyway, to ensure we’re in line with the rest of the industry should any more flaws in older versions come to light.

In regards to any clients on domains with IPs 81.201.129.XXX on our other network, you’ll be pleased to hear the system was patched last night.

Password changes

Some in the security industry, are telling the global public to immediately change all of their passwords. While we think this is slightly reactionary, we have taken precautions and done this on our servers.

We would urge our customers, to possibly review their passwords given the light of this information, and take the opportunity to update them for their main logins for BookingLive systems.


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Scheduled Maintenance – 17th May 2014

Please note we have maintenance scheduled for the 17th May 2014, this will affect the majority of clients (including enterprise dedicated clients).

Those clients not affected are on the IPs to To determine your IP, you can use the service https://www.whatsmydns.net/

The maintenance will take place between 00:01 and 06:00 BST, but expected to be completed around 02:00 BST. There will be no risk to data, however there will be total loss of the network, due to machines being powered down and moved.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

The BookingLive Team

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BookingLive – Monitoring our systems

BookingLive – Enterprise level monitoring

At BookingLive, we take the quality of our service seriously. Although we traditionally support 09:00-17:30 we are monitoring our services 24 hours a day.

Over the years we have relied on services such as Pingdom, but noticed that these services only help you once the server is down. We were not happy with the scenario, and as such sought to implement monitoring akin to organisations 100x our size.

Our objectives

  • Continually improve learning about what causes outages
  • React to outages before they become client facing
  • Log as much data as possible for post analysis
  • Closely monitor security events
  • Notify all key staff of events
  • Reduce downtime
  • Automate recovery processes


While we won’t share the tools we use to accomplish the tasks, we can say that they are widely used around the world and considered an industry standard. Below is just a taste of what we do here, with the scope growing each day.

Server monitoring

The first task of implementation was to get the systems working at a good base level. This of course started with getting the core applications running across our network and through our firewalls!


  • Get basic monitoring configured
  • Configure notifications to staff
  • Start building a statistical base


Once setup, we were quickly able to build data from our live systems. Below are some example datasets that we record minute by minute from all our servers to a secure location.

The initial setup had us monitoring:

  • CPU statistics
  • Memory usage
  • Database utilisation
  • Disk space utilisations
  • Critical service monitoring (Web service / FTP / Database)

An example CPU utilisation graph

BookingLive Monitoring - CPU utilisation


An example CPU load graph

BookingLive Monitoring - CPU Load



  • Quickly build up profiles of the servers
  • Analyse peak usages and spikes
  • Change internal IT practices to smooth the load
  • Warnings for monitored items when hitting thresholds

Individual client monitoring

While monitoring an individual server with many bookinglive clients is fantastic, we were not happy. Quickly we expanded out the product to monitor individual client sites, and key business processes. If a customers key process was bookings, we sought to ensure and report on whether the booking process was active.

It is important when a client identifies a problem with their site, that we can verify/corroborate their version of events.

BookingLive Web Monitoring

The above example, is a 7 day track of response times for a client, if they report a slow down on the site at a certain time, we can use over 400 monitoring points to track exactly why the slow down occurred.

Automation of key tasks

Additionally to monitoring clients sites, we also must monitor other key factors such as

  • Security
  • Error logs
  • Automated script runs

With so many servers, manually combing through log files, and doing access audits is a task that cannot be done manually every time! We routinely monitor our servers on aspects such as server access, and rogue internet users automatically, as well as manual checks.

Because we are so flexible, we can react to any new threat, and setup monitoring across all servers for the same instance of events with a few clicks of the mouse. This has drastically reduced the time to deploy new processes, and improved security on our servers, as well as client systems.

In  closing…

BookingLive is continuing to improve our service, and monitoring solutions are playing a crucial role in maintaining the levels of service and expertise this coming year.

No solution is one that can solve every problem, but our monitoring framework is moving us quickly towards maintaining visibility of our growing client base, and keeping quality levels consistent.

2014 is the year of big data, and BookingLive wants to ensure we have the data we need internally to support our clients. You will never appreciate the full value of historical data, until you depend upon it to solve a problem…

Hope you found it an interesting read!

Written by Robert Cox


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Tour Operators Get More Bookings Using BookingLive

Tour Operators Get More Bookings Using BookingLive

Tour operators get more bookings and can cash in on the growing market of tourists by investing in a web-based booking system. Tour operators can get more bookings if their website is integrated with an on-line booking platform that features numerous benefits specific for tour operators.

Our booking systems are hosted on dedicated servers with Rackspace to best ensure that your business is available 24/7. Travel companies and tour operators maximize their revenue streams with such availability.

BookingLive has been designed to be mobile responsive and encourage upselling through promoting extras, related activities and sending automated messages to customers.

BookingLive provides Silverstripe CMS within the booking system allowing you to enhance user experience and include photos and videos to visualize their tours or holidays. Contact details of the tour company like phone number and e-mail address with contact forms can also be displayed on the booking system.  It also pays if the system has a survey feedback form that customers can submit on-line – something available automatically within BookingLive. Other features of the booking system include pages such as an About Us page, widgets such as an availability calendar and social media integration to keep customers updated on deals and promos.

These features are found on the BookingLive website, a market leading online booking system developed in the United Kingdom. BookingLive help process millions of bookings for companies from different markets all over the world.

Find out more about how BookingLive can provide a Tour Reservation System for your business. Contact us.

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What is Saas Booking Software?

What is SaaS Booking Software?

Software as a Service or SaaS is any program that is hosted by a service provider and offered to customers online.  In simple terms, the software is rented by users online instead of purchasing and installing the program on their computers. BookingLive, a SaaS booking software, requires users to use a web browser to access, edit and save their files.

Our SaaS booking software is simple, cost-effective and the main reason why many businesses and individuals choose to use BookingLive. Any business can benefit from our Saas booking software via a web-enabled computer or even a smartphone. Instead of purchasing expensive bespoke booking software for reservations, payment processing and other business requirements, simply sign up online and pay for the SaaS booking software on a monthly basis.

One of the more reputable, long-standing Saas booking software in the market today is BookingLive. The software helps businesses improve their online sales and efficiency through its different business management tools and modules. Customers can have their website and booking system set up in minutes using the wizard. UK based, BookingLive is managed by a team of more than 30 years combined experience.

The SaaS Booking Software is hosted on dedicated servers with rackspace, ensuring uptime is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technical support is also made available to enterprise clients during and after the booking software development.

To find out more, please contact BookingLive today.

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We’re Hiring: Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager (Sales)

Role Description:

The following Business Development Manager role is primarily to generate new business at BookingLive. Along with an excellent salary base + commission, you will be working for a software development company that has already seen tremendous dominance in a competitive market. You will be within a professional environment in Bristol with commitment to success and development.

Key Responsibilities:

- Lead generation, qualify enquiries, meet targets
- Liaise with the managing director during job costing phase
- Gain extensive knowledge of BookingLive and the marketplace
- Market planning and execution
- Deliver webinars (demos), attend events and trade shows
- Account management

Required Skills:

- Minimum of 2 years sales experience
- Software development knowledge and experience
- Enthusiastic, professional, confident, dedicated and likeable
- Excellent sales skills, literacy and English as the primary language
- Negotiation, commercial planning, account and retention planning
- Commitment for 3+ years

If you are interested, please forward us your CV and covering letter.

We don’t work with recruitment agencies.

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Content Management Booking System: Manage web content and bookings.

Content Management Booking System

Are you looking for a content management system to drive your web content and a booking system to manage your bookings?

If your business offers classes, courses or services to your customers, you will want to take bookings on your website. This can be achieved with many providers however with BookingLive you can manage website content and bookings in one centralised system.

Our preferred CMS is Silverstripe 3. Silverstripe is a mobile responsive CMS allowing your customers to experience the full benefits of BookingLive by accepting online bookings any time of the day.

For example – you run a chiropractic clinic. Isn’t it convenient for you to accept appointments from patients online? This means you don’t have to manually arrange your schedules or bookings, or pay for staff to manage appointments for you. If you use wordpress, you can use our booking system wordpress plugin or alternatively you can use our CMS. Having one centralised system can drastically improve your efficiency and increase revenue. Your clients can see the date and time you are available from within the website on any page – not be redirected to another site or popup. They can book online immediately. You won’t have to miss out on bookings with the help of CMS Booking System.

BookingLive works best with Silvestripe – the only open source CMS that is certified by Microsoft.  Through the Silverstripe CMS, you can manage your website content easily. No need to study and understand complicated programming language as the CMS is feature-packed and enables you to update information on your website within a few clicks of the mouse. You can edit your contact information easily.

The CMS also features drag-and-drop widgets that allow you to make your website more engaging through information like latest news, weather, social bookmarking integration and patient testimonials. You can also take control of your booking calendar and edit contact forms when needed using the CMS. Finally, track your website’s traffic with Google Analytics and learn more about your online campaigns.  Data from Google Analytics will help you to analyse your online campaigns and how you can further improve them.

If you want to find out more, contact us today.

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How the UK NHS Benefited from an Online Booking System

NHS Booking System: How the NHS benefited

The UK National Health System (NHS) has moved away from the traditional paper-based appointment system. Implementing an online booking system, the NHS has empowered its patients and staff with an easier and more convenient way of scheduling appointments and making bookings. With a web-based booking tool, patients can book an appointment 24.7 any time, any where.

The NHS has steadily been incorporating web-based booking systems as part of its efforts to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It has partnered with BookingLive, a leading online booking system, for a booking program for its courses. The partnership has produced creditable results for the Croydon Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre which offers the said courses.

The booking system developed for the centre has numerous impressive features. Those who would like to take up a course can first view available courses by selecting the appropriate area from the menu. There is an integrated calendar in the Croydon Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre website which guests can refer to when viewing available dates of the courses. Once they have selected a schedule they can reserve a course, enter their details and pay for it via worldpay. The last part is the confirmation of the NHS booking system that the booking has been successfully made. There is also a frequently-asked question section that users can refer to when confused about the booking system.

To find out how BookingLive can positively impact your business, please contact us.

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Sync Bookings with Google Calendar

Sync Bookings with Google Calendar

Did you know you can synchronize all your bookings, classes, tours, workshops directly with selected calendars in your Google Calendar account using Bookinglive. Your bookings and the customer details will appear in real time in Google Calendar. The synchronization is a big bonus for mobile workers as it’s updated live on your mobile devices. Existing Booking Live customer? Sync Bookings with Google Calendar today!

How Google Calendar Sync works:

Imagine a “Central Calendar” that shows all the bookings, availability, resources and staff for the day, week or month view. You or individual staff can log into and update Google Calendar on an ad-hoc basis, allowing them to modify and update bookings with ease and without having to login to their booking system.

Top features include:

  • Displaying resources such as vehicles
  • Start and end date and time of the booking
  • Staff assigned
  • Display individual and group bookings
  • Works for multiple locations
  • Read back created events that are marked as busy into the booking system
Syncing with BookingLive

Syncing with BookingLive

For more details or a step by step guide on how to set this up pleaser refer to the user manual or contact us at BookingLive.com

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